Tamara Maynes is a Melbourne based image stylist represented by creative agency, Hart & Co.

Previously a designer/maker with 25 years experience, who has exhibited at London and Milan Design Weeks, Tamara draws upon her admirable understanding of form, craftsmanship, and materiality to produce imagery that highlights these elements within the subject, ultimately exposing the vision of the brand behind it.

Favouring restraint in the form of minimal propping, Tamara uses colour, placement and feel to create sets that support rather than compete.

Through her considered approach, which includes prop making, Tamara achieves distinctive outcomes for both commercial and editorial clients. To date she has collaborated successfully on a number of still-life and interior shoots for national advertising campaigns through to craft based editorial features, product and brand imagery.

Tamara is also the author of The Maker, and creative director/co-owner of The Establishment Studios - a location style photography studio and prop house.